Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Me and my Brompton, Taiwan

Cycling Taiwan tomorrow.
Taking a red-eye flight without a concrete plan to where or how.

The weather seem gloomy for the entire week. (but game on)
Hopefully, it will clear up...
For now, I reckon I shall start south and ride up North.
Beinan to Taipei ....otherwise, I will just hop on the train

Got a Vincita soft case bag this time and decided to try it out.  The B132H is a new product and it has a nice hard bottom to endure the check-in process. We shall see. I also acquired the B206B Garment bag. This bag doubled as a cushion for B132H.
bought this $3 Foam from Decathlon to wrap around the baggage for additional protection 
The B132H bag is made with padded materials but I think its not a bad idea to cushion my B more. 
I loaded 5 days worth of clothing supplies with the B206H and they will be serving as cushion for the check in as well. 
My extended pole = removal of my saddle. Its also a good ideal to remove all the clamps/ 
Packed. It feels well secured. The base of the luggage also come with velcro so you can install removal wheels. I like them 
The B206H bags is quite nifty. 

Of course, I also brought my tiny pocket size The Perfect Sketchbook and a Gopro and I shall capture the moments as they develop.

Monday, July 18, 2016

En-Plein-Air with my Brompton bicycle

Beginning 2016, I began cycling to work. On my way home, I would stop and paint the landscapes at sunset. Sunlight is most gentle during these hours and structures lit cast their most dramatic shadows; accentuating the mood of the environment. I am currently looking for local gallery to represent this series of small-sized work.

Rode the bicycle to Sembawang.

Here's my set up. I am still trying to figure a way to haul my oil setup out. A lot more challenging for sure.
A ton of Jury-Jigging involved and I know there must be ways to improve my set up. 

My usual set up. I ride my brompton with an S Bag . As you can see, Its an S Type Bar
Stuff in my bag. Repair kit, Extra tee shirt. Sketchbooks and all the rest of my art materials.
I simply place a Camera mount on my S Bar. 

I got my friend Daniel to make me this wood block that would house a TNUT and plastered it with Velcro. 

The board that I attach to my Adapter. Of course, this isn't perfect. I think there's recently a stronger 3M velcro that I will change to next.

Yea those back pocket on the S bags are great for housing my brushes when I paint.
My first version was a lot more ghetto . I just stuff the board into the Gopro groves . #GHETTO

Here's How I usually conduct my act.

My main body of work comprises watercolor paintings completed on-site, painted directly on the medium, without drafting lines. This straight forward approach forces me to rapidly internalize the essence of my subject and facilitated capturing the mood and atmosphere of a fleeting moment.
The interplay between light and form is what draws my attention and inspires me to render an impression of what is in front of me. Painting on-site also requires mastery over the design of shapes, colors, and values that go into a painting; extracting the essence, while at the same time discarding anything unnecessary. Challenged by changing light and weather conditions, I am further spurred to be decisive by the rapidly drying watercolor washes. Paradoxically, the challenges of painting on-site detach me from the stress and anxieties of my urban life. - I am thus at peace whenever I paint.
I primarily paint alone and my subjects are principally landscapes that are free from human figures. This isolation liberates me from the mental state needed for collective decisions and allows me to make very personal decisions about mark-making. My paintings are deeply influenced by the Impressionists, as I integrate their understanding of color theory; into my designs in order to project a sense of vibrancy. Through my work, I hope that audiences can be transported to the state of peace that I experience when I am painting .