Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Me and my Brompton, Taiwan

Cycling Taiwan tomorrow.
Taking a red-eye flight without a concrete plan to where or how.

The weather seem gloomy for the entire week. (but game on)
Hopefully, it will clear up...
For now, I reckon I shall start south and ride up North.
Beinan to Taipei ....otherwise, I will just hop on the train

Got a Vincita soft case bag this time and decided to try it out.  The B132H is a new product and it has a nice hard bottom to endure the check-in process. We shall see. I also acquired the B206B Garment bag. This bag doubled as a cushion for B132H.
bought this $3 Foam from Decathlon to wrap around the baggage for additional protection 
The B132H bag is made with padded materials but I think its not a bad idea to cushion my B more. 
I loaded 5 days worth of clothing supplies with the B206H and they will be serving as cushion for the check in as well. 
My extended pole = removal of my saddle. Its also a good ideal to remove all the clamps/ 
Packed. It feels well secured. The base of the luggage also come with velcro so you can install removal wheels. I like them 
The B206H bags is quite nifty. 

Of course, I also brought my tiny pocket size The Perfect Sketchbook and a Gopro and I shall capture the moments as they develop.

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